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April 18, 2012
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Looking through you by CSupernova Looking through you by CSupernova
What tongueless ghost of sin crept through my curtains?
Sailing on a sea of sweat on a stormy night
I think he don't got a name but I can't be certain
And in me he starts to confide

That my family don't seem so familiar
And my enemies all know my name
And if you hear me tap on your window
Better get on yer knees and pray
panic is on the way

Started to read a book from the 90's again and there were so many references to Oasis, the Spice Girls etc, that I started to listen to this music again. And when I watched 'spice up your life', Geri's make up and clothes looked so great that I tried to draw something similar. But the make up looked so whorey on Nehema, that I decided it can't stay like this. So I started to draw the dia de los muertos skull-make up on her and voilá! Looks so much better.

I can draw again! :dummy:
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Why do I always misslook trough my message box and totally miss pictures by you? And this one is so very nice. Love that makeup
XD I dunno, Ave. And thanks :3
Die Haare sind toll geworden! :love:
Okay, the girl has gone wild, as somebody said, che, che :P. The colors you used make the picture very gothic and climatic.
I'm always surprised what a few changings in the layer settings can do. ;)
Thank you. Glad you like it :3
Yay for drawing again! And what an interesting evolution this went through. :giggle:
I have to admit that I can't yet keep up with all the characters you're drawing but maybe I'll get there some day, you might have to enlighten me a bit though. Oh well, I'm far too used to being a bit behind so I don't mind. Nice to see new work from you all the same. :)
And why, yes... it's 3:30 am, I'm not sleeping and not drawing. Tired but happy for a nano second - I passed the freaking exam. :excited: :confused: I have absolutely no idea how I managed to fool them that much. It's ridiculous. A few more hours in the lab tomorrow (well, today...) and a couple of stupid reports to work on still... then this living nightmare should be over. :la:
:la: You did it! I'm proud of you!

And as far as the characters go... I can give you a short introduction, if you like ;)
I'm just dying for the whole course to be over and done with... usually that's it when the exam is done but with this it's just 30% of the whole thing, so got to finish the rest of the **** still...

And if you like ;), I really wouldn't mind some introduction to the characters. :nod: I doubt nothing will ever make equally much sense to me as the GoG category in your gallery but please, do enlighten me a bit sometimes if it's not too much trouble. :)
I'll tell you in the chat then :dummy:
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